YoRHa No.9 Type S

YoRHa S-Type, or Scanner Type Models are a type of YoRHa android who specialize in espionage, infiltration, and data gathering.

Known AndroidsEdit

  • 3S - the server administrator of the Bunker. He is not seen, but is mentioned during the beginning of Route C as 2B heads to her flight unit. He is called to address a capacity issue.
  • 4S - gives out the quest Reconnaissance Squad. He has short dark hair in a similar style to 9S. He is encountered during route C and is one of the last remaining YoRHa troops alive after the attack on the Bunker.
  • 9S - also goes by Nines, is the Scanner that YoRHa No.2 Type B was put in charge of. His pod is Pod 153. He is programmed to have a kind and emotional personality. He is one of the most advanced Scanner models of YoRHa.
  • 11S - one of the scanner unit assigned to take down the machine's defenses in the beginning of route C. He has a high-pitched voice and communicates with 9S during the mission.
  • S21 - one of the major characters in the YoRHa Stage Play. Better known as just No. 21, she was part of the surviving YoRHa troops deployed for the Pearl Harbour Descent mission during the 14th Machine War. She is a prototype model who perished in order to further the future models. No. 21 is shown to be able to temporarily suppress the effects of the Logic Virus
  • 32S - a scanner unit, seen in the subquest Retrieve The Confidential Intel. He is rebuilt and is taken in by a male resistance member, in order to have someone to protect and be family with. After completing the quest however, he and the male resistance member are killed by machines, according to YoRHa command. It is possible that they met their end at the hands of an Executioner unit.
  • 42S - a YoRHa Squadron idol from North 12C Defense HQ. He is a Publicity Agent, presumed to be deceased after an uphill battle with machines.
  • 801S - a scanner unit atop the bunker who can be found in the hangar, in charge of the maintenance shop. He is one of the latest models. His name is a play on yaoi genre.


After 9S's victory over A2 in the Forest Kingdom, the Commander has called for a boost in production of Scanner models.


  • 9S is so far the only known Scanner who has the ability to wield weapons.
  • No. 21 is the only known female Scanner type.
  • No. 21 has the same personality number as Operator 21O, and as such, are both programmed to have a calm exterior and are known for their rationality.